Justin C. Wiltshire

A masochist of the worst kind, I study economics and follow politics. Having spent my formative years in beautiful Victoria, BC, I now spend my days toiling to complete my PhD in Economics at the University of California, Davis.

I have a B.A. and M.A. in Economics from Simon Fraser University, and an MSc. Economics from the London School of Economics, in the UK, where I worked as a labour economist for the British government while studying.

I love the glorious natural beauty of my home province, and often return home to hike and swim and spend time with loved ones… and drink Hoyne beer.

As of launch, this blog exists primarily to examine the idea that the BC NDP mismanaged the economy when they last formed government (1991-2001), and to compare their performance with that of the BC Liberals. A couple of notes are in order.

First, this is a survey of data aggregates intended for consumption primarily by non-economists. There are no econometric analyses. It is meant as a preliminary search for evidence that the BC NDP handled the economy worse than the BC Liberals have (relative to other jurisdictions). Despite looking hard, I find no evidence of this.

Second, I want to say that this exercise is decidedly not intended as an endorsement of any one party this election. I am broadly a moderate who cares about good governance. There is a non-zero probability I could vote for a candidate from any of the three main parties (as I have in the past). I remain undecided. I am researching and writing this to help disabuse myself, my loved ones, and anyone else interested, of false ideas about the two parties’ past relative economic records. It is not meant as a prediction of how things will play out if either party forms the next government. However you plan to vote, thanks for taking the time to explore verifiable facts this election.

– JCW (April 26, 2017)